The Best Uniform Dating Sites of 2021

Do you fancy people with a profession or in uniforms? Are you unable to find a match yet? Worry not, this article will discuss some of the best uniform dating sites available. With the internet world taking over, you can easily find people that match your preference and meet your requirements. Every profession is hectic, and leaves minimum time to enjoy your personal life. It can really be a challenge to find someone that you would like, in the hectic routine that your career demands. Therefore, uniform dating allows you to find a perfect match, through website like uniform dating, elite singles, military friends and more.

The good part is, some of these websites are even free. You can easily sign up and start searching for the right person for you. This article will review about 6 professional dating sites and why are perfect for you. The factors reviewed will be the cost, popularity and user-base, what do they offer, why do they stand out from others and more. It’s a unique and helpful service, and is used by many single individuals out there.

Stay tuned and keep reading to find out more.

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#1: Millionaire Match

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This website is the top pick which caters to millionaires like CEOs, doctors, celebrities, lawyers etc. This website has been in the market for about a decade and it matched individuals with respect to their financial status. Although it targets millionaires, people with income less than 200,000 are also welcomed at this site. It is an amazing website and has more than 2.4 million accounts present. It’s very popular among the elite singles who are looking for a commitment. The sign-up procedure is personalized where you have to send in a request to get in contact with a director to fill in your details, your financial status and what you’re interested in.

millionaire match

If we look at its features, it offers video introduction, you can view if the message you sent was read or not, they cross-check your wealth status and the information you’ve provided, they provide you with ideas for a date and match you with counselors on live sessions. Furthermore, they emphasize a lot on security and safety. They take verification actions in order to remove poor profiles. Furthermore, in case of any difficulty, you can get 24/7 support from the team. You can contact and find millionaire using the mobile site, iOS app, android app and a mobile site. Moreover, this website provides and shows only credible people that match your preferences. Moreover, you have a control over who can view your profile and can also work on mobile app.

If we look at the pricing plan, you can get a free trial for 7 days in order to get a good idea of the website. There are three other packages, 1) $70 for one month usage. 2) $45 per month for a 3 month usage. 3) $35 per month for a 6 month period. You can enjoy the basic features through its standard package without incurring any cost.

Looking at the cons, the amount of women and men is quite unbalanced. There are far more women on this website than men. Furthermore, if you’re subscribed to the standard package, your access too many of the good features is restricted. Hence, you need to be a gold member to access such features. Also, if you’re located somewhere the website does not serve, you might find it difficult to find a good match for yourself. Lastly, you need to be an active member of this platform in order to receive more messages. Also, the monthly fees is considered to be high, and no option for video chat is available.

Majority of the people have found their loved ones and life partners on this website. Their experiences have been amazing and happy. Hence, it’s overall a great website for millionaires.

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#2: Uniform Dating

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Uniform Dating website is a huge platform for individuals who work and are looking for like-minded professionals to date. These professionals include anyone wearing a uniform e.g. a policemen, military, doctors etc. Despite the fact, that there are so many online uniform dating sites available, none of them have as many profiles and members as This website was particularly launched to help people find their love interest, particularly people wearing uniforms and having a profession. It helps you get linked to such people and people of all sizes, shape and similar career. It is the best dating site available.

uniform dating

Let’s have a look at the features that this site offers.

Firstly, it is the best website for individuals who want to get connected with people in uniforms. Furthermore, if you view the website, you’ll find it easy and quite understandable. There’s nothing complex about this website. This website is authentic and the process to register is also quite simple. You only need to provide your email address and basic details. Another good part is that the website keeps a check on each and every profile in order to avoid any fake or fraudulent profiles. A great benefit that this website offers is a very active customer support team. If any individual suspects or reports a profile, immediate action is taken against that profile and it is removed within 48 hours.

Just like every website, this website also has both pros and cons. If we look at the critics, this website does not makes it specific for everyone to be in a uniform. Another issue that is complained about is, the last log-in time of an individual is not shown on the website. This makes it difficult for people to know whether they should contact that individual or not. For example, an individual might be appearing online if he has subscribed for 3 months.

Now, let’s look at the costing and payment section. A good thing is that you can register and search this website without any cost. There are three other price plans: for a 1 month subscription you need to pay $39, $77 for 3 months in total and $119 for 6 months in total. In order to access all the features of this website, you need to pay $20 each month. In order to pay the subscription, your credit card needs to be automatically charged every month. You can process payments through credit card, PayPal and ACH echeck. If there is any issue regarding billing or payment, you can contact their customer support at the time mentioned on their site. Overall, this is an amazing site for people looking for men and women in uniforms.

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#3: Elite Singles

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This website is a popular website in the US for individuals looking for a serious relation. They claim to have played a part in creating more than 2000 relationships successful in 20 countries. Per week, more than 65,000 individuals join this website. This website consists of majority of individuals studying in universities or having a degree. They’re educated and qualified and are looking for like-minded intellectuals. They analyze your personality first and then match you with individuals that are like-minded and as per your preferences.

elite singles US

When you decide to register to, the signup process will take about 20 minutes. You need to fill a detailed personality survey and you can get the report of this personality test for free. Furthermore, you can make contact to your matches by asking questions, or comparing likes and dislikes. If we look at the quality of profile, there’s a lot of detail for someone to know an individual. Moreover, it also shows the questions both of the individuals have answered in order to show compatibility. Also, you can easily send messages and view matches through the app. The app is fully functional and an efficient platform for people. Also, the website asks you questions like “if physical appearance matters to you” and how would you like your better half to be? Furthermore, the website is easy to understand and use, therefore, no such technical issues or inconvenience arises.

If we look at the cost plan, setting up your profile on is free but you have to pay to avail the services offered. You are required to pay a total of 179USD for 3 months subscription, $269 for 6 months use, and a total of $383 for a 12 months use. It allows payments to be made through PayPal and Credit Card.

If we look at the cons: the signing up process takes a bit longer as compared to other websites. People usually don’t want to invest much time in filling surveys, especially when it’s a website for educated and busy individuals. Furthermore, you cannot reply to messages if you’re not a paid member. Similarly, you can also not view pictures of other individuals if you’re a free member. Another thing is that this website can only be used on Apple iOS. Moreover, individuals usually find it difficult to locate the reporting or blocking features.

Finding a committed person that matches your personality can be a tough task, especially if you’re a busy person. Therefore, is an amazing and popular website that utilizes the five factor psychological theory in order to find a match for single individuals. It helps you find the perfect match, regardless of sexual preference, religion, race and age.

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#4: Military Cupid

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This military dating website was launched in 1999 and is caters particularly to individuals in uniform, mainly military individuals. It is a successful website operated by Cupid Media, and consists of more than 450,000 members. As per the stats, more than 150,000 new members join this website every month. It is quite popular as a professional dating site. It is overall a diverse platform consisting of people from different background and personalities. The sign up process is quite easy and individuals can use their Facebook to login as well.

military cupid

If we look at the pros, firstly, the sign up process is quick where users are asked a few questions to fill in their profile. You can also post 5 pictures directly from Facebook. Furthermore, this website allows you to hide your identity from people unless you’re comfortable with revealing your information. This is considered to be a great feature for many people. The website is secure and safe and has a verification option where all profiles are reviewed before being approved. Moreover, it’s not necessary to complete your profile just when you sign up. It is free to message people and send friend requests, which is not the case with other website. Moreover, you can edit your profile at any time, anyone can access it and view your display picture without being a paid member. Also, the profiles are comprehensive where people can really get to know about each other. Another good thing is that the app for military cupid is free, user-friendly and organized. It works similarly to the desktop version.

If we look at the cons, the messaging features can be accessed by paid members, the costs are high, military-specific features are limited and in order to avail some of the features, you need to be using an expensive membership plan.

The main competitors of this website are: OKCupid and Lavalife. If we look at the price plan: you need to pay $29 for one month subscription, $19.99 per month for a 3 months subscription and $16.66 for 6 months subscription. You save 33% and 44% with this monthly price plan for 3 and 6 months. Also, the basic account can be used for free. In order to communicate with other members, paid users are given the option to choose from two plans: platinum and gold. You can find members according to your interest and specification like gender, age, proximity, and you can chat with them. If you’re worried about security, your identity can be verified by scanning of an ID issued by the government.

Overall, it’s an amazing website for military people and provides you with many great features to find the perfect match for you.

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Join for Free is a very popular dating site for all single individuals out there. It’s known for its user-friendly and easy interface, high-quality group of members and a highly functional mobile application. It was founded 23 years back by Match Group Inc., and has been successful in creating facilitating marriages, relationships and dates. It is simple and highly innovative, a reason why it’s so popular and trusted. US

The sign-up process is guided and in-depth. You’re asked questions related to your personality and interests, your physical appearance, religion, values and what you prefer in an individual. Furthermore, as per the user experience and feedback, this website constantly find ways to improve and enhance their matching criteria in order to meet the expectations of their users. They’re continuously brining improvements in algorithms in order to make your experience worthwhile. Also, you can search for members and view their profile quite easily on this website. Some other features include: different options are offered to verify your profile through social platforms, to show interest and communicate and consists of smart inbox and search options. Most importantly, they take necessary measures to safeguard your information. All profiles are screened and reviewing before being approved and actions are taken against fake or fraudulent profiles. There is an advantage for non-members or new members where they are offered with the promo code and coupons from the website. These discount codes are seasonal and usually offered during holiday season. The search section is quite extensive and provides members with various search options. You can start your search from very basic things like gender and age to some particular requirements like interests, background, appearance and lifestyle.

Now, if we have a look at the cons, you’re cannot access most of the features if you’re using this website for free. The approval of members on the website takes time, similar to the conversation moving forward. Furthermore, monthly payments can cost you a great amount. Lastly, online to offline procedure can be time-consuming for people.

Let’s have a look the price plan. You don’t have to incur any cost for the basic account. Apart from that, there are three other plans: one month subscription will cost you $42, you need to pay $23 per month if you’re subscribing to the 3 month package (you save 44%) and you are required to pay $20.99 per month if you subscribe for the 6 month package (you save 51%).

This website also provides customer support through its Customer Care site. You can get help via chat, phone, email, and also through the help resource center. If you’re single, 18 years old, separated, and looking for a partner, Match is the perfect website for you!

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#6: Military Friends

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This website is quite popular in USA and is made specifically for army people who wish to find their partners. It is for the niche and more than 3000 individuals visit this website every day. Military Friends was established in 2002, and is targeted towards women and men who wish to find a partner from the Army, Air Force, Police Force, Navy or Firefighter. It is one of the best available platform, if you’re looking for commitment, friendship or marriage.

Military Friends

Signing up on this website is quite easy as you can just do it in some simple steps. You need to add your details such as your interests, lifestyle, what you dislike and like, what are your hobbies, and what are you looking for in your partner. If you’re looking for a serious relationship, you need to be true and honest with whatever information you provide on this site. After completing your profile, you can use the search option to scan profiles with respect to your preferences like age, gender etc. It also offers you with the feature to narrow your search in terms of lifestyle, relationship category and appearance. With the instant messenger, you can be in touch with your partner, friend or anyone on this website.

If we look at the price, the basic membership does not require any payment. However, you can only avail limited features with this free membership.

  • You can save 25% with the gold package that will cost you $25 per month.
  • You can save 50% with the 3 months package that will cost you $59.95.
  • You can save 60% with the 6 months package that will cost you $95.95.

You can make you payment transactions through PayPal, Credit Card and Check Card. Also, you need to be careful with the automatic renewal option, as your account would be automatically charged every month.

It is simple and individuals can easily communicate with, search and view profiles that match their interests and personality. Members can view pictures and profile information as well, which given them a better chance at exploring people. However, additional features can only be accessed by paid members. You can also quickly search people without having the need to sign in. Paid members can search people with respect to their last online activity, appearance, verified status, profession and more. Also, they provide special emphasis on privacy, and if you’re not registered you cannot view sensitive details of the individual.

However, they don’t have a mobile application as of yet. Also, the service terms are quite lengthy.

It is the best and most popular platform for individuals looking for a partner from the forces or serving the forces themselves.

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Final Thoughts

Dating sites are an amazing platform for people trying to find a partner for themselves, especially if they’re busy with their profession. If you’re a professional, it’s really challenging for you to take time out for you. The internet makes this easy for you, the above mentioned uniform dating sites and military dating sites are perfect for people in the army or looking for someone in uniform. Try out these websites if you want a serious commitment or want to find yourself a loved one. Most of them offer a free trial, so you can make use of them and search.