Elite Singles Review 2019

Elite Singles Uniform Dating is a subset of the overall Elite Singles online dating platform. Elite Singles itself is an online dating service that connects users through scientific algorithms, similar to most other dating websites. Their take on dating is to connect “affluent” people; the elite. It’s focused more on helping people in big cities find love. So, how does the uniform dating of Elite Singles match up? Let’s take a look with our Elite Singles Uniform Dating review.

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Registration Process

Elite Singles has more of an in-depth registration process than other dating sites. The information you need to create an account in the first place is pretty basic (email address, gender, etc.) but once you sign up you’ll have to answer a lot of questions. This is to give the algorithm a better understanding of who you are as a person so it can match you up with other users. The questionnaire can take up to 30 minutes to complete in all.

The answers are used to rank you across what they call the “Big Five” personality traits of “Openness to Experience”, “Conscientiousness”, “Extraversion”, “Agreeableness”, and “Emotional Stability”. Your scores for these parameters, along with your location and personal preferences, are then used to match you up with other users.

Your time will be well spent however, as the dating service serves up high quality matches almost instantly. Uniform Dating generally sends you the profiles of active/online users as well. So it shouldn’t take too long to receive a reply if you decide to initiate contact.


Wildcard Matches

Elite Singles has a “Wildcard/Have you Met?” Feature that serves up an additional 20 matches to premium members. That is on top of the seven or so members that the algorithm provides you with each day. These are profiles that are deemed to be close to a match but not a complete one as they don’t match one of your personal preferences. They may still have enough good points about them to make them with your consideration.

You can choose to either message the match or skip them. You can’t take back skipping a profile though, so be sure to only skip the people that you really aren’t interested in. One downside of this feature is that location is considered. Many of the matches could prove to be too far away for your consideration.

Matching Score

Each match that you are presented with comes with a score out of 100. This score basically shows the compatibility between you and the match. Clicking on the score will show you more details about how the score was calculated and the various personality traits of the match so you can get a good feel for the person. It can help to know the specific traits of someone, especially if you’re looking for something specific from a partner.


Users are able to block and delete profiles as they see fit. Someone that has been blocked will not show up in searches. We recommend doing this on people that appear too many times. Deleting the account means that you’ll never see that person again at all. It’s like they don’t exist on the website any more. These actions can be reversed, so don’t worry about accidentally blocking or deleting someone.


You are more than welcome to send smiles, likes, and messages to people after signing up. Smiles are a free feature, but redundant on free accounts as you can’t see profile pictures. After signing up for a premium account, you can send messages to other users and receive alerts when your messages are received and read. It’s reassuring to know that someone has read your message, but it also means you know for sure that you have been rejected (if you have).

Dating App

The Dating app is simple to use and a great addition to the website. You’ll likely find yourself using the app more than the website. Thankfully, the app is available on both Android and iOS. It connects you to your profile on the go, letting you assess matches, send and receive messages, and do anything else you can do with the website. The iOS version of the app comes with a special “What If?” feature that works as an advanced search feature. Sadly, this feature is missing from the Android version.


  • Saves time by choosing profiles that match you
  • A clearly defined audience means you know what to expect
  • High quality app packed full of features
  • Connects you to singles in uniform – and those that love them
  • Active userbase


  • Can be very expensive
  • Free version is limited
  • Smaller userbase compared to other sites
  • Lengthy sign-up process
  • Low number of matches sent daily

EliteSingles Membership

Duration Price per Month Total price
3 Months $59.95 $167.85
6 months $44.95 $269.70
12 months $31.95 $383.40


Using any online dating site like this carries the risk of running into scammers and having your data stolen. Elite Singles takes a strong approach to user privacy and security. On top of offering block and delete features, they have a dedicated email address for reporting suspicious activity and users. They also say that the attempt to regularly clear out inactive profiles to keep their user base clean. Any information that you upload to the website, such as through your questionnaire answers or profile page, is kept hidden and secure behind the latest encryption technology.

Final Verdict

Elite Singles is a good online dating website, but it is more for advanced users. It takes a lot of time – and even some money – to get the most out of this service. If you are serious about meeting someone in uniform, then this is the website for you. If you’re interested in anything else, then you should look elsewhere and find something better suited to your needs. It has everything you could want, but whether you are willing to pay for it is up to you.